About Us

The E-Books for Us project was created by Library Futures with support from the eBook Study Group, Engelberg Center on Innovation Law & Policy, and ReadersFirst. We are a growing number of lawmakers, consortia, librarians, and concerned citizens who have proposed legislation calling for fair e-book pricing and publishing practices. Join the community fighting for digital equity and a better future for libraries.

About Library Futures

Library Futures is the vanguard nonprofit organization uncovering and confronting the fundamental policy issues that threaten libraries in the digital age. We believe librarians, policymakers, and community leaders deserve a new approach to digital rights so they can protect, advocate for, and advance a fair digital future for libraries and the communities they serve. Library Futures meets this need with fresh research, visionary policy and advocacy initiatives, and engaging education programs.

About the Artist

Kenny Keil is a writer and artist whose credits include MAD Magazine, American Bystander, Mass Appeal, VIBE, and The Devastator. His most recent graphic novel is Smoove City from Oni Press. Kenny is an advocate for libraries and is probably hanging out at one right now.