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Digital books reduced the cost of reading for individuals, but big publishers are not passing along the cost savings to libraries.They tripled library prices between 2010 and 2020 and introduced expiring licenses, so public tax dollars now pour into short-term rental agreements with the world’s most profitable publishers and e-book vendors.

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Libraries are often forced into a cycle of buying the same content over and over at unsustainably high prices. Publishers could provide fair pricing and reasonable terms, but they won’t without public pressure. Your voice can make a difference.

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Want to propose e-book legislation in your state but not sure how to get started? Library Futures mobilizes a community of experts to encourage the adoption of smart policies that uplift libraries and their communities in the digital era.

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Digitization should make it possible for libraries and their communities to have more resources, but they have fewer digital rights than ever. Lawmakers can intervene to ensure digital licenses do not cheat the millions of constituents who use libraries.

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